singlecut billy half stack $12.95

sterling pig - this little piggy ipa $10.95

fegleys cloudy stuff ipa $15.95

peak - the juice ipa $14.95


sole artisan - mocking birds mocking ipa $13.95


We currently only fill 64 oz growlers.

Our system is a counter pressure filler, meaning you get fresh CO2 filled growlers. It basically purges oxygen from the growler and imparts carbon dioxide in place resulting in carbonated beer that will last up to 8 weeks unopened.

(Once opened, the growler beer will stay carbonated for up to 3 days)

You are not required to buy one of our branded growlers, if you have your own, clean growler that will fit in our growler filler chamber that is glass (Sorry ceramic, and stainless can not be filled) we will gladly fill it with one of the beers we offer.

We choose the right to not fill any growler that does not seem safe or is/may be dirty.

Growler Glass Cost $ 8.00